Sunday, March 16, 2014

As the curtains swayed to a chilly draft
Her hands of the softest silk
Her shadow a ghost of the night

Dark and pale
Against the misty grey
Lay bared she, a lifeless but intoxicating sight

Her flowing white gown, caressing white marble
As she glided along, the hillside castle

Fleeing in the moonlit corridors
From an inevitable fate
The signs of death, so subtle

No walls did speak
Neither soldier nor servant
In life alone
In death alone

Her king shed a tear or two
In a ray of light
His hand though, red shone

Unspoken Words

What beauty lies
In a simple word
Of care, of love
But never heard

Lingering around
In awkward smiles
In longing eyes
Like a caged bird

Wanting much
To wander out
But shackled in
By lessons learned

Waiting in hope of being set free
By another unspoken word
The pyres lit high
Heavens they engulfed
Lest the skies unfold,
What had transpired

Massacre so grave
Never before witnessed
Legacies of the brave
Lay crushed and disgraced

Stench of the blood soaked soil
Sullied the holy air
Pleased weren’t the gods
For whom had been caused this despair

Cries of the wounded
Made a din as they bled
Vultures all around
Feasting on the dead

Kings and soldiers
All slain together
A sight so macabre
A lesson though learnt never

Widows left behind
And children in tow
To build a generation
Seeds of future to sow

To make them strong
And make them brave
And send them to war
To kill all over again

Monday, January 25, 2010

In Strange Company

Often I travel, along this road
A merry heart, a merry soul

In strange company
Of faces anew
Amongst whom, I take this stroll

As the sun sets
And moon ascends
I wish this journey never ends

Where solitude and gathering, coexist
And tranquil shades, to life it lends

Strangers though,
A bond we share
No words ever spoken
Just a glance or two

Where under moonlit skies
With the deepest blue
They rest my mind
For moments few

And return I do
To my life
Full of vigor
To fight another day

A road like this
Has a charm of the untouched
And till I come back
I pray, the same it will stay

Friday, July 18, 2008

The White Carpet

Veer not, my gaze
Off the silent scene
Where wanders my mind
A spirit serene

Untouched for miles
The silky snow lies
White carpet as if,
Beneath blue skies

Amidst the milky way
Conifers stand erect
Like giants of Stonehenge
Stillness in effect

Descend their leaves
Without a sound
In a rhythmic waltz
They fall aground

Its bluish tint
Has a touch divine
Like Atlantis of lore
It is sublime

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flow like a River

Meandering through the plains
A river charts its course
Cutting through the mountain
Ferocious in its force

Its water flows steadily
Not wavering from its goal
Joined along the way
By streams of the same soul

Vanishing at sea
Its legacy left behind
We are travelers on our own road
Meeting nomads of the same kind

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Reflection


Across the hall sat I
Uncomfortable, out of place
Shifting in my chair
Searching for a pleasant face

I had no conversations,
No views to air
Bored to my wits end
I had nothing to share

Thats when I saw her
Within a noisy crowd
Her presence inconspicuous
Not making even the slightest sound

With a stroke through her hair
A beautiful face she revealed
It was nothing perfect
But to me pleasant it seemed

Her smile was infectious
And personality calming
But her eyes did not twinkle
Betraying that she was acting

The sadness in her face
Although not apparent
The hurt was still there
Chipping away making her blunt

Her thoughts wanted to drift
To their own little paradise
Where nothing could go wrong
A place without deceit and lies

That one glance at her
Rooted me to my chair
I had seen my reflection
And at it I continued to stare